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Heat your home or commercial building efficiently with the latest in heat pump tech.

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For heat pump services in chirstchurch, think Halkett Electrical.

If you’re freezing all winter despite large gas bills, then it’s time for an upgrade. As trained Christchurch-based electricians, we specialize in air heat pump installations, upgrades and servicing.

Don’t get caught by seasonal change.


 Around a third of homes in New Zealand are too cold in winter. And there are two ways to fix that; proper insulation and the right heat pump to warm your area. At Halkett Electrical, we specialise in buildings of all sizes, from residential to commercial units. Don’t suffer through another season of discomfort — reach out to our team for quality heat pump installers in Christchurch.

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Trusted brands

We specialize in air heat pump installations, upgrades and servicing.

Toshiba Air Condition

For the latest Toshiba model heat pumps, get in touch. Toshiba is an energy efficient model that allows users to rationalize energy consumption, without compromising on comfort or thermal levels.

Daikin Air Condition

For a Christchurch-based Daikin heat pump installer, look no further. Utilizing less energy than standard models, and with an automatic defrost cycle, Daikin always finds ways to bring the heat.


Heat pump specialists that do other things.

Halkett Electrical is a trusted specialist in heat pump/air conditioning installation and has been recognized by MHI, Daikin and Toshiba as experts in this field. Hiring a recognized expert ensures that in the event of any issues with the unit, you will be fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty and that:

  • All our air conditioning units do both heating and cooling.
  • Units vary in wattage from 2.5kw, 3.2kw, 5.4KW, 5.8kw 7.0kw to 9.0Kw
Located out in Mairehau, Christchurch, we’re just a stone throw away from The Cheesecake Shop in Edgeware. We’re also available with Electricians in Lincoln, Rolleston and Kaiapoi, if you need. Give us a call or make an enquiry to begin your job today.
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installation steps

Three Easy Steps for all your jobs


1. Preparation and Consultation

1. Get in touch with our team to discuss your needs.
2. Schedule an on-site visit or send us your plans and we’ll make an analysis. 
3.  Receive a customized quotation within 48 hours of the site visit.


2. Rewiring or fitting

1. Choose a time that suits you. We can work around your schedule for wiring projects, including full-time jobs.
2. We base all our jobs on our inspection and your needs, so you’ll get electrical work that performs a treat.
3. Leave your space spotless with all rubbish removed upon completion.

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3. Smooth Operation

1. We handle your electrical job with expertise.
2. Stay informed with clear instructions throughout the process.
3.  Enjoy peace of mind with our "master electrician" certified services.

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