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Have it all with the world’s number one.

Toshiba is recognised as a leader in environmental and energy efficient control, with reliable heating and cooling systems developed for residential and commercial builds. The recent DC Hybrid Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor system is an exclusive component to Toshibas units, allowing for greater optimization of energy, with variable speeds for climate control options. Toshiba also includes a sophisticated IAQ filtration system to clear the air of pollutants and ionizers which may affect allergies or asthmatic conditions.

The options with Toshiba generally include single or multiple split systems for residential buildings, with ducted, under ceiling, heat exchanger and wall units for commercial purposes.

What a toshiba can do.

Depending on the selected model, Toshibas include the following benefits:

Air purification
Self cleaning
Temperature control
Self cooling
Noiseless/quiet mode
3-D air flow
Compatible controls
Wall/floor mounted
Intelligent modulation
Variable room temperatures
7-day programmer
R32 Refrigerant
Wi-fi controlled
5 year model warranties
Indoor/outdoor power options
High EER rating

Installation process

Our installation process is simple and flexible. First, we need you to get in contact with us, for obvious reasons. Then, depending on the complexity of the job, and how much ducting is needed, we can schedule an on-site visit to measure areas and go over cost estimates, including buying a Toshiba unit, fitting, etc.

Next, after we’ve finished project scoping, we’ll come at a convenient time for you to install your new heat pump/air conditioning system, with minimal disruption to your day-to-day. Afterwards, we’ll give you a run through and you’re good to go.

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New, old and in between.

Whether you’re refitting, extending, redesigning or starting a completely new build, we can help you transform your current heat and air conditioning system. We’ll work with your team on any plans, consulting from our expert position and authority as Toshiba experts on unit positioning, flow and temperature control. Or, if we’re working around your existing system, we’ll consult you every step of the way on what we find and how best to utilise your new unit within the existing building.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your heating plans out in the cold.

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